WEI sees a future where our homes, cars and businesses are powered by green electricity from renewable energy sources on the island of Ireland.


Working with communities, members and stakeholders, WEI is leading the transition to a zero carbon energy system with wind at its heart, through policy development, communication and education.

WEI will continue to be the leading renewables association supporting Ireland having at least 70% of Ireland’s electricity from renewables by 2030.

Core Values


“We have a positive approach, reflecting an openness to ideas and innovative solutions. We constructively engage with the community and are proud to lead Ireland in the transition to a zero/low carbon energy system.”


“We are recognised externally as a trusted industry authority. We demonstrate supportive leadership internally, instilling confidence and building capability.”


“We engage with respect. We represent the organisation with professionalism and pride. In striving to meet membership needs, we respect communities, members and stakeholder perspectives.”


“We are passionate about the health, safety and wellbeing of the people with whom we work and interact.“


“We promote a cleaner, greener environment and long-term energy security, sustainable jobs and rural development.”


“We are accountable to our membership and mindful of their differing needs and we are open and transparent in all dealings with all members.”

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IWEA Strategic Plan 2018-2021 - Summary Version

December 2018