Ours to Protect – FOCUS ON RENEWABLES - Featured Segment with Midlands 103


Úna Brosnan

Offshore Wind

Úna Brosnan of Innovative Climate Solutions Ltd. explains offshore wind energy and the development people can expect around Irish coasts.



Elaine Dromey


Elaine Dromey Ecologist explains the efforts renewable energy developers take to protect and be mindful of nature as essential energy development takes place. Karina Dennigan also contributes.



Marie Donnelly, John Gibbons, Prof. John Sweeney

Why we need renewable energy

Marie Donnelly Chairperson of the Climate Change Advisory Council talks about why we need renewable energy with input from John Gibbons climate journalist and Prof. John Sweeney



Paul Deane

The impact of renewable energy on electricity prices

Paul Deane UCC talks about the impact of renewable energy on electricity prices with input from Marie Donnelly Chairperson of the Climate Change Advisory Council.


Paul Blount

Why our electricity grid is important

Paul Blount of FuturEnergy Ireland talks about why our electricity grid is important in a time when we will use electricity more and more as we put a plug on as many things as possible to decarbonise.


Bobby Smith and Joe Devlin

Energy storage and green hydrogen

Bobby Smith of Energy Storage Ireland and Joe Devlin of Energia talk about the types of energy storage we can use to minimise the use of fossil fuels on our electricity grid, decarbonise our electricity and lower the cost of electricity.


Justin Moran

Explaining onshore wind energy – the best tool Ireland has to meet our climate action targets

Justin Moran, Wind Energy Ireland talks about onshore wind. He explains the best tool we have to meet our climate action targets is onshore wind. The more wind energy we make the more we reduce price to help Irish electricity consumers.


James Delahunt

Renewable energy industry and jobs

James Delahunt of KPMG discusses jobs and other opportunites opening up in Ireland but particularly in the Midlands as a result of wind and other renewable energy developments.


Conall Bolger

Solar Energy

Conall Bolger of the Irish Solar Energy Association discusses solar energy.


Seán Finan


Sean Finan of the Irish Bio Energy Association discusses bio energy and opportunities associated with it in the midlands.


Yvonne Murphy

District Heating

Yvonne Murphy of the Irish District Energy Association discusses district heating and its potential as a solution for both our cities and our large regional towns.


Yvonne O'Brien & Karina Dennigan

Wind Farms and the community

Yvonne O'Brien, Wind Energy Ireland and Karina Dennigan of Bord na Mona discuss how communities can engage with and benefit from a wind farm near them.